HIPAA Alert: Still Issues Across the U.S. in 2018

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services says recurring compliance issues for 2018 include these nine things ...


Safety First: Fire Extinguisher Use

Questions you should ask and answers you need to know about putting out a fire.


Job Change? Complete an Access Key Request

When you have a job transfer, title change, or jobcode change, Security requires a form to be completed by your supervisor and signed by your VP, to set up door/building accesses on the photo ID badge.


HIPAA Alert: Beware What You Share!

Social media is no place for protected patient information.


HIPAA Alert: Are You a Patient at Methodist?

What you need to know about accessing your own patient records.


Are You on Candid Camera?

With an increase in the reports of patients and visitors using cell phones to record and take pictures in our facilities, what do you need to know about being secretly recorded?


HIPAA Alert: Data Breach Cost, Loss of Business, Patient Trust

What you need to know about the cost of protecting patient data.


Safety First: The Three A's of Fall Prevention

Preventing falls starts with you! Start by knowing the three A's of fall prevention.


HIPAA Alert: Guidance on Authorization for Research

What you need to know about HIPAA and using patients' protected health information for research.


Safety First: Safety with Construction Traffic

Your safety on and off the job is important. Please pay attention to construction traffic!


HIPAA Alert: It is Not the Size of the Breach that Matters

The penalties for HIPAA violations can be severe with multi-million-dollar fines possible when violations include relatively few cases.


Confidential Reporting Hotline is Anonymous

At Methodist Health System, we pride ourselves on a culture of openness, trust and integrity. Effective ethics is a team effort involving the participation and support of every employee. Employees can submit reports or concerns anonymously via the Confidential Reporting Hotline or website.


HIPAA Alert: Fines for HIPAA Violations

The penalties for HIPAA violations can be severe with multi-million-dollar fines possible when violations have been allowed to persist for several years or when multiple violations of HIPAA Rules have been allowed to occur.


Traffic Changes Coming to West Dodge Rd. during Construction at Children's Hospital

Early construction work has begun on Children’s Hospital and Medical Center’s new Hubbard Center for Children. This new construction project will have an impact on traffic and may affect your travel to and from Methodist.


National Patient Safety Awareness Week: March 12-16

Celebrate National Patient Safety Awareness week March 12-16. Although this week celebrates our patient safety achievements and increases awareness, safe care is our focus, 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, 365-days a year.