Methodist Jennie Edmundson Science Cafe: Jan. 14

Learn about age-related eye disease at the next Science Café on Tuesday, Jan. 14, 6 – 7 p.m.

Rare Syndrome Scary, but Treatable

Melissa Haen confronted the fact that she could lose the twins inside her, and that brought home how much she loved them already.

Women's Hospital Welcomes First Baby of 2014

An Omaha couple was hoping their newborn son would make his debut before midnight — but 7-pound-3-ounce Grayson Erik Hermann had other plans.

Nurse Practitioners Critically Important

Nebraska's nurse practitioners need more independence if the state hopes to improve health care accessibility in its rural areas.

Surviving the Holidays Without Fighting With Your Sweetheart

It's the weekend before Christmas, and your sweetheart is driving you nuts. He forgot to pick up the present for aunt Sue, his rendition of “Jingle Bells” makes dogs howl and if he eats one more sugar cookie that you baked to bring to work, you might snap.