Methodist Speakers Provide Educational Programs as a Community Benefit

MHS speakers give their time and expertise to provide education on health and wellness topics to community, church and business organizations and schools.


Wear Red on Fridays in February for Heart Month

Beginning with National Wear Red Day on Friday, February 7, Methodist Health System employees are invited to "Go Red" by wearing red every Friday in February.


Happy Birthday, Methodist Mobile Mammography!

Methodist Mobile Mammography hit the road a year ago and has been providing 3D mammogram screenings throughout the Omaha community.


Mammograms Help Save Lives

When the death of a celebrity, such as author Jackie Collins, from breast cancer receives wide publicity, some women may muse, "Ummm, maybe I should get a mammogram.


Meet SOCS: Strong Ovarian Cancer Survivors

It's a cancer we don't hear very much about, but it's impact is devastating. Malorie Maddox takes us inside an Ovarian Cancer Survivor's Group.


Wellness Reminder: Employee Lactation Program

Methodist Health System provides an Employee Lactation Program to support successful breastfeeding.


Is a Yearly Physical Still Warranted?

The annual checkup, once a mainstay of primary care, is viewed today by many doctors and medical organizations as unnecessary for healthy adults.


Early Detection, Screening Key for Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer. Next to skin cancer, it’s the most common cancer among men.