Safety First: Latex Safety

Follow these safety tips to help us protect our patients, visitors and fellow employees who may have latex sensitivities or allergies.


HIPAA Alert: Mobile Device Pitfalls

REMINDER: Methodist strictly forbids the use of mobile devices to exchange protected health information (PHI). Please review Methodist’s Mobile/Cell Phone Policy and the Photographs and Recording Policy. 


HIPAA Alert: Accessing Your Medical Record

REMINDER: Adhere to policies regarding employees' access to their own computerized medical records and those of dependent minor children. The required HIPAA-compliant authorizations for release of medical information that must be signed and on file to access a spouse's or another family member's record are available on mhsintranet.


Safety First: Chemical Hazards

Know how to protect yourself and others from chemical hazards.


Safety First: Sharps Safety

Know how to protect yourself and others from needlestick injuries.


Safety First: Remember Fire Safety

Be ready to respond and evacuate patients, visitors, customers and employees in a fire emergency.


Safety First: Watch Out for Hazards

Be on the lookout for potential safety hazards and know how to report unsafe conditions in the workplace.


Safety First: Stop the Spread of Germs

Many of us will be visiting with family and friends over the holidays. Take precautions to stop the spread of germs.


Safety First: Walk Like a Penguin

Now that winter weather is here, follow these important tips to avoid slips and falls.


Safety First: Darkness Safety

This weekend we set our clocks back and got the benefit of an extra hour of sleep. The downside is that darkness will arrive an hour sooner. Keep in mind these darkness safety tips when you are out in the dark.


Safety First: Remember What Your Mother Told You

Some safety tips are as simple and important as the lessons our mothers taught us.


Safety First: Be Safe During Construction

Construction projects are essential to maintain and update our MHS facilities. Check out these tips to stay safe. 


Safety First: Have a Safe Summer!

Check out our summer safety tips and have a great summer!


Safety First: Are You a Safety Leader?

We can all be safety leaders for our patients, visitors and coworkers by following these essential tips.


What Every MHS Employee Should Know About I.T. Privacy & Security

We Are Changing Our Use of Computers, Email, Mobile Devices
John M. Fraser, President & CEO,  Methodist Health System