HIPAA Holiday Alert: On the 12th Day of Breaches My Hacker Sent to Me...

We know what our true love sends on "Twelve Days of Christmas," but what are hackers trying to send to us? Consider how unhappy the holidays (and the rest of the year) would be with these twelve days of breaches.


HIPAA Alert: Thinking of Updating Your Electronic Health Record at Work? Don't! FairWarning Reports Your Actions

Effective Nov. 21, supervisors will be automatically alerted to direct reports' HIPAA violations involving unauthorized use of electronic health records. Employees in violation of HIPAA will be disciplined according to current HR policies. REMINDER: Know and follow the HIPAA regulations that forbid employees from editing or updating their own electronic health records or those of family members, including minor children. It is also a HIPAA violation to schedule medical appointments for yourself or your family members in Cerner.


HIPAA Alert: Attention, NeHII Users -- Know What You Can & Cannot Access

To protect the security and privacy of patient information, access to Nebraska Health Information Initiative (NeHII) is limited to approved users only, and users must follow HIPAA regulations.


HIPAA Alert: What Happens at Methodist Stays at Methodist

As employees, we have legal and ethical obligations to protect patient information and to follow security best practices.


HIPAA Alert: Rules of Engagement

Remember to follow these HIPAA rules of engagement every day.


HIPAA Alert: FairWarning Go-Live Is July 22

The new FairWarning Patient Privacy Monitoring Program, which will further enhance existing safeguards protecting the privacy of our patients, goes live on July 22.


MHS Again Named One of Nebraska's Safest Companies by National Safety Council

Methodist Health System received the Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Award of Honor with Distinction from the National Safety Council, Nebraska Chapter. This is the seventh consecutive year the MHS has received an award at the annual Nebraska's Safest Companies Award luncheon.


HIPAA Alert: FairWarning Is Coming

The new FairWarning Patient Privacy Monitoring Program, which will further enhance existing safeguards protecting the privacy of our patients, will take effect July 22.


HIPAA Alert: Accessing Your Medical Record

REMINDER: Adhere to policies regarding employees' access to their own computerized medical records and those of dependent minor children. The required HIPAA-compliant authorizations for release of medical information that must be signed and on file to access a spouse's or another family member's record are available on mhsintranet.


HIPAA Alert: Removing Patient Info from Premises Leads to $200,000+ Fine

After moving offices, a Lincare employee left behind documents containing patients' protected health information, resulting in a $239,800 fine. Do you understand the policies and procedures for protecting patient information during transportation to another site?


HIPAA Alert: Employee Mistake Costs a Hospital $750,000

A Washington hospital's employee opened an email attachment containing malicious malware, leading to a breach of 90,000 patient names, demographic info, dates of birth, social security numbers, medical record numbers, dates of service, charges or balance due and insurance identification or Medicare numbers. Do you understand the increased risk of sophisticated phishing attacks?


HIPAA Alert: Termination Checklist

Hospital employees can earn prison sentences for inappropriately accessing confidential medical records — even after termination from the job. Supervisors, are you following the Termination Checklist to ensure all steps are taken to terminate an employee’s access to the network?


HIPAA Alert: Who Can Hear You?

What complaints have been received about the way patient information is discussed? Before speaking, imagine that you are the patient and this is your information that is being discussed -- then adjust your volume, tone and speech accordingly.


HIPAA Alert: Social Networking Cautionary Tales

One of the top areas of concern for HIPAA officials is the use – and misuse – of social networking sites by healthcare employees. Take care not to jeopardize patient privacy or your employment status with thoughtless posts on social networking sites. 


HIPAA Alert: Secure Emailing of Patient Information

Do you know how to transmit electronic patient information securely? Do you know how and when to encrypt your emails by typing ZIXIT? Follow these essential guidelines to ensure you don’t violate HIPAA security rules.