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Annual Update: Methodist Jennie Edmundson Family Resource Center

In 2013, the Methodist Jennie Edmundson Family Resource Center served 163,467 clients through education, presentations, screenings and community outreach.

The Family Resource Center,  located on the lower level of Methodist Jennie Edmundson Hospital, is staffed by nurses and funded by Jennie Edmundson Foundation.

“We provide free, easy-to-understand health information to patients, their families and anyone in the community,” said Jean Armstrong, RN, Manager of Family & Community Health Resources at Methodist Jennie Edmundson Hospital. “Our goal is to help you better understand your medical condition or that of a loved one.”

Resources distributed by Family Resource Center staff in 2013 included 600 “Steps Toward a Healthy Start” new parent resource bags, 974 smoking cessation packets and just over 4,000 patient and family education folders.

The Family Resource Center also provides free "My Memory Bags" for grieving children. These tote bags are made for preschoolers, school-age children and teenagers who are grieving the loss of their parent, grandparent, sibling or pet. Each bag contains age-appropriate materials: books, booklets, support groups and other community resources to help a grieving child. In 2013, 133 My Memory Bags were distributed to children in the community.


Shaken Baby Task Force

The Shaken Baby Task Force, headquartered in the Family Resource Center, is a hub of educational resources on the prevention of shaken baby syndrome. Requests pour in from across the United States for free resources for use by hospitals, new parents, day care providers and health agencies.

In 2013, more than 30,000 shaken baby brochures, DVDs, magnets and fact sheets were distributed. The number of middle schoolers, high schoolers and day care providers who attended presentations on the prevention of shaken baby syndrome and ways to calm a crying baby totaled 1,115.

Another resource available to parents and caregivers is the 24-hour crying baby helpline: 866-243-BABY (2229). In 2013, 214 phone calls were placed to the help line because a caregiver wanted additional information or could not get a baby to stop crying -- potentially saving 214 infant lives.


For More Information

For an individualized packet on shaken baby syndrome or any medical issue from A to Z, including advance directives, heart disease and smoking cessation, call Jean Armstrong at (712) 396-4200.