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Nebraska Health Information Initiative Changes Name to CyncHealth

The legal compliance team at Methodist Health System wanted to make you aware the Nebraska Health Information Initiative (NEHII), which was created in 2008 to improve clinical and administrative data among health care providers in Nebraska and surrounding states, has undergone a name change and is now CyncHealth.

The name CyncHealth better speaks to the organization’s commitment to collaboration and better positions the organization as the health data utility for the Midwest, providing vital information services for continuity of health care. 

Regarding the name change, CyncHealth leadership noted that "cync" is a play on the word synchronize, which means to coordinate or orchestrate. The word "health" reflects the organization’s mission, which is to profoundly impact the health outcomes of our communities. 

Other entities under the CyncHealth umbrella include the Nebraska Healthcare Collaborative, the NEHII Foundation and NEHII Shared Services. CyncHealth welcomed its newest member, the Iowa Health Information Network (IHIN), earlier this year.