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Reminder: Review Your Time Card Before Signing Off to Confirm PTO Pay is Present

When you are using PTO for an absence, remember to review your time card before signing off to confirm your PTO pay is present for your absence. Even if you’re not using PTO, please remember to review your time card before signing off! Missing pay causes concern and possible financial hardship. Special checks processed outside of the regular payroll cycle are manual and vulnerable to errors.    

Remember to plan ahead when possible.

  • Employees can submit PTO requests via Kronos prior to starting scheduled Family Medical Leave (FML)
  • If you are a salaried employee on FML, the PTO/Escrow Sick/Family Medical Leave Hours Taken for Salaried Employees form is available on the intranet to map out by pay period how the employee wishes to be paid while on FML
  • Ensure the timekeeper has the necessary information to submit via Kronos

Note that employees have the ability to review and approve time cards via the Kronos mobile app, which is available even if you are not at work.

Thank you for being proactive to confirm your PTO is on your time card!  If you have questions about submitting requests for PTO, please see your supervisor or Kronos timekeeper, or contact Payroll at (402) 354-4259.