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Cindy Bower Honored With 1st Shine Award for Nursing Assistants

The Shine Award for Nursing Assistants honors these staff members for the special role they play in patient care at Methodist Hospital and Methodist Women's Hospital. Their Supporting Hands assist our nurses In achieving Nursing Excellence and quality patient outcomes. 

Patient Jack Diesing with Cindy Bower.

Fourth Quarter 2019

Cindy Bower
Cardiac Unit

The first Shine Award goes to Cindy Bower, a nursing assistant on the Cardiac Unit at Methodist Hospital.

"It was a Friday, and I took my dad out for dinner in Elkhorn. When we were leaving, he stated he was having chest pains. I rushed him to Women’s Hospital, and they had his results back by the time I parked my car – no heart attack. Way to go Women’s ED! They wanted to keep him at Methodist Hospital for observation, and he ended up being discharged on Sunday. My dad has vascular dementia but has not lost his wit. Every time he meets a health care worker, he introduces himself, tells them he is happy and states he is going to win the “Patient of the Month” award. When I went to pick him up on Sunday, the first thing he said to me was, “Have you met Cindy?” She shaved me, and didn’t she do a great job! He sat straight up in the chair with the biggest smile while showing me. He told me I had to meet Cindy right away. We tracked her down, and when she came into the room, he really sat up straight and was so happy to see her. She was so kind and caring to my dad, and it meant a lot to him and my family. What a great way of showing The Meaning of Care and making a meaningful difference!  A few days later, he received a card in the mail from his patient care team and Cindy congratulating him on winning the “Patient of the Month” award. After reading the card, he looked at me and said, 'See, I get the award every time!'" – Debbie Kohl

The Shine Award is presented quarterly. Nominations for the award can be made by patients, family members or fellow staff members. Nominate a nursing assistant by emailing SHINE@nmhs.org or filling out this nomination form.