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Congratulations to Nurse Residency Program Cohorts 30 and 31

Congratulations to the graduates of Methodist Hospital and Methodist Women's Hospital Nurse Residency Program Cohorts 30 and 31! The program assists new graduates with transitioning into their professional roles. Graduates completed nine months of learning focused on critical thinking, patient safety, resource utilization, communication and teamwork, evidence-based practice, and professional development.

Cohort 30 graduated Aug. 15, 2019. Its members are, back row, from left: Katie Krause, ACE; Madeline Jordan, ACE; Kathy Svoboda, NET; Danielle Deckard, Mother Baby; Sydney Mettling, Mother Baby; Lexie Dooley, Oncology; Shelby Beller, Oncology; Bobbi Soukup, Med Surg. Middle row, from left: Aubrey Hostetter, Short Stay; Jessica Melcher, Cardiac; Amelia Ernstmann, GYN OB; Madison Giffin, PCU; Jessica Ford, Oncology; Skyler Speer, Oncology. Front row, from left: Megan Shaneyfelt, Med Surg; Kelsie Pettit, PCU; Karla Moreno, Med Surg.


Cohort 31 graduated Oct. 8, 2019. Its members are, back row from left: Alissa Thompson, Cardiac; Jonathan Cooney, Cardiac; Mary Wondrasek, ACE; Joel Sahulka, Oncology; Kim Gazaryan, NICU; Marnie Bents, Med Surg; Ashley Tomjack, ACE; Sabrina Austin, Oncology. Middle row from left: Erica Menjivar, PCU; LeeAnne Eardensohn, GYN OB; Antonia Brune, Ortho Neuro; Amy Ahrens, GYN OB; Nikki Stanley, Ortho Neuro; Ciera Martinez, Med Surg; Shelby Brooks, Cardiac. Front row from left: Ashley Coffiel, PCU; Jessica Smith, Cardiac; Becca Taylo, Cardiac.

Not pictured are Alyssa Gaggini, NICU; and Jenny Mather, NICU.