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Congratulations to Nurse Residency Program Graduates

Congratulations go to the Methodist Hospital and Methodist Women's Hospital nurses who graduated from the Methodist Nurse Residency Program in April and June. 

The program assists new graduates with transitioning into their professional roles. Graduates completed nine months of learning, which was focused on critical thinking, patient safety, leadership, communication skills, evidence-based practice and professional development.

Nurse Cohort #28 graduated April 4
From left: Pete Ray (Cardiac), Chelsie Darner (OR), Emili Schulz (L&D), Lauren Meeske (Cardiac), Justine Cruz (Oncology) Anna Salerno (Med Surg), Lori Anderson (Med Surg), Amber Baltaro (ACE) and Jordan Wilmes (Med Surg). Not pictured: Meagan Deeds, Ashley Geddings, Joy Mahoney
Cohort #29 graduated June 13
Back row, from left: Jessie Pudenz (L&D), Kaitlin Kinder (L&D), Haley Reznicek (GYN OB), Carrie Cooper (Ortho Neuro), Brady Voigtman (NET), Jessica Rageth (Ortho Neuro), Abbey Lacy (NET), Nicole Waters (Ortho Neuro), Haleigh Grieve (PCU), Annabelle Schwery (ICU) and Nolan Pfeifer (ICU). Middle row, from left: Taylor Long (Mother Baby), Alivia Braniff (L&D), Jacquelyn Tarsikes (Rehab), Hayden Kilgore (Rehab) and Brittany Morrison (ICU). Front row, from left: Sam Schmitz (Oncology), Kerry Schwarzlander (ED), Mariah Pittack (Cardiac), Amanda Wiley (Cardiac) and Kaitlin Collins (Cardiac). Not pictured: Bryanna Goldsmith