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HIPAA Alert: Beware What You Share!

While social media is a great place for sharing fun facts or tidbits about your everyday life, when you work in health care there simply isn't a lot about your work life you can put online. It's important to remember that patient information is protected by HIPAA, and even sharing "anonymous" information is a direct violation of the law.

When it comes to social media and the internet:

  • Nothing online is private.
  • Deleted content is still accessible.
  • Removing a patient's name does not protect against HIPAA violations.
  • Private postings related to your job or patient care are "discoverable and can be subpoenaed as evidence in lawsuits against you or your employer.

Ultimately, you are solely responsible for what you post online. Only you can exercise the common sense and good judgment required when engaging in social networking, to keep yourself out of trouble.

Click here to review Methodist Health System's Social Networking policy.

Supervisors: Please post this Notice and discuss in your staff meetings.  

If you have any questions, please contact HIPAA Privacy Officer Zorana Vojnovic at (402) 354-6863 or zorana.vojnovic@nmhs.org.