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Sustainability Master Plan Unveiled

Methodist’s first ever sustainability master plan is a culmination of exceptional work on the part of many employees from across the organization over the past several months.

It represents the beginning of new opportunities
for the organization in the coming decade and beyond. 

The final sustainability master plan summarizes our previous sustainability achievements, establishes key indicators and baselines for
where we are today, and sets forth the vision for how and where we will focus our efforts to be
more sustainable in the future.

It covers the following categories:

  • Waste management, recycling & green purchasing
  • Water consumption
  • Greenhouse gas emissions due to building energy consumption
  • Sustainable transportation
  • Employee engagement related to sustainability

In the coming months, there will be more information and many opportunities for all employees to be involved.

The first step you can take is adding your name to an email list for all future communications related to sustainability. To be included, please send an email to nmhs.sustainability@nmhs.org.

You can find a copy of the sustainability master plan on the mhsintranet. In the quick links section click on departments and select Integrated Service. Once on the Integrated Service page go to the Supported Areas section and select Sustainability Master Plan.