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Changes to Recycling at Methodist Health System

As you may be aware, acceptable recycling standards are changing throughout the commercial sector in the Omaha area. As of June 1st, Omaha’s primary recycling facility is no longer accepting comingled plastic, metal and cardboard streams from commercial entities.

What this means to Methodist

In order to recycle materials, Methodist must now separate materials into two streams:

  • Cardboard and paper (also known as fibers)
  • Plastic and metal/aluminum (also known as containers)

Because this change occurred abruptly, we are asking in the short term that ONLY non-confidential paper, cardboard and other fibers be placed in Methodist’s recycling bins. Due to regulations, we will be unable to provide separate recycling bins for plastic and metal/aluminum.

In the short term, we are installing new signage on all recycling containers, but please spread the word throughout your department of this recycling change.

We are exploring all options to address this issue and hope to continue complete recycling in the future. A healthy community and healthy planet means healthier staff and patients, so please know this issue is very important to us. 

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