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Congratulations to the 2018 Nurse Excellence Award Winners

Nurse Excellence Awards

Twenty-six MHS nursing professionals were honored as Nurse Excellence Award winners at a luncheon on Friday, May 11. The theme for the ceremony was “Superheroes” and each awardee received a superhero cape to wear for the luncheon. Many of them are pictured below. 

The Professional Development Council used a scoring system to select winners from the nurses nominated for the 2017 Nursing Excellence Award Program. Winners must exemplify a day-to-day demonstration of the core values of the organization, including patient focus, honor and respect, excellence and teamwork, and service to the community.  


MHS Nurse Excellence Award Honorees: Staff/Core

  • Jean Beumler, Palliative Care, APRN Award (MH)

  • Sarah Cherubin, Critical Care (MH)

  • Ashley Colburn, Rehab (MH)

  • Rachael Coufal, Progressive Care (MH)

  • Haley DeMaris, Short Stay (MH)

  • Cynthe Ford, Surgery (MWH)

  • Dana Groves, Oncology (MH)

  • Sheree Herkenrath, Mother Baby (MWH)

  • Carrie Kelseth, Cardiac (MH)

  • Kelly Menousek, Emergency Department (MH)

  • Betsy Miller, Cardiac (MH)

  • Megan O'Neill, Critical Care (MH)

  • Tiffany Pettit, Ortho/Neuro (MH)

  • Stevi Roberts, Acute Care for Elders (MH)

  • Chelsea Smith, Oncology (MH)

  • Mandy Stockdale, Rehab (MH)

  • Anne Thallas, Medical/Surgical, Leadership Award (MH)

  • Kelly Turgeon, Emergency Department (MWH)

  • Catie Van Gestel, Lactation (MWH)

  • Catherine Wolpert, Medical/Surgical (MH)

  • Kelsey Dickerson, 4H Ortho/Neuro Unit (MJE)

  • Rachel Hulshof, ICU/Cath Lab (MJE)

  • Joe Poore, Unit Manager OP/Endo, Leadership Award (MJE)

  • Ginger Soto, Personnel (Float) Pool (MJE)

  • Sarah Thomsen, Birthing Center (MJE)

  • Kathy Vorthmann, 3AB Telemetry Unit (MJE)

Methodist Hospital (MH)
Methodist Jennie Edmundson Hospital (MJE)
Methodist Women's Hospital (MWH