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What is Patient Experience? 

“The sum of all interactions, shaped by an organization’s culture that influences patient perceptions across the continuum of care.” – The Beryl Institute 

Why is it so important to us? 


At Methodist, we care about the experiences and the quality of care we provide. An excellent patient experience is important to us because we want our patients and their care partners to be engaged in their care. That allows us to set goals as a team, make decisions that align with the patient’s wishes, and provide them with tailored care. 

The Methodist Health System Quality Team is working with departments across the health system on a daily basis to improve our patient experience. Some of the projects are large in scope, while others have been small changes that have made a big difference.

Check out a recent initiative at the Breast Care Center at Methodist Estabrook Cancer Center that has improved their patient’s experience with discharge instructions. 

Kathryn Simone, APRN and her team noticed their patient experience scores were dropping in the area of discharge instructions. Kathryn brought the issue to the Patient Family Advisory Council at MECC and quickly found out patients and families did not have a good understanding of the discharge instruction process.  Kathryn made one simple adjustment. She started telling patients that the education she was handing them was their discharge instructions. 

“I made sure that in every moment, I educated our patients that their paper work was their discharge instructions and how important the instructions were,” Kathryn said.

Notice in the below patient experience data, the percent of patients giving them an excellent for discharge instructions was at or above the 90th percentile. 

If you have questions for the Quality Department about patient experience efforts please email Aimee Black or Kelsey Haswell.