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Better Living Health & Weight Management Program Starts Feb. 20

Application Deadline: December 29

Methodist is pleased to offer a program for employees, focusing on weight management by building long-term healthy habits.  The Better Living Program includes motivation, support, and accountability, as well as financial incentive to meet your goals. This is a one-year multidisciplinary program geared toward health and weight loss guidance, as well as ongoing maintenance support.  Proper nutrition, activity, sleep, stress reduction and support are vital for success in a lifestyle change. 

The Better Living Program is available to qualified employees who are on the MHS Employee Health Care Plan AND who participated in the 2017 Simply Well Screening, known as the Wellness Screen.

The 16-week classroom portion of the next year-long session begins the week of February 19 and continues through the week of June 4, 2018.

Space in the program is limited. Enrollment is based upon the submission order of applications received, so don't delay!

Weekly Class Times & Locations

Submit an application for enrollment in either session:

  • Tuesdays at 5 p.m. at  8111 Dodge Street, Omaha – 16 weeks beginning February 20

  • Wednesdays at 5 p.m. at Methodist Jennie Edmundson Hospital, Council Bluffs – 16 weeks beginning February 21

Qualifications to Participate

  1. Committed to lifestyle change, weight loss and improving your health.

  2. Must have BMI > 29 AND participated in the 2017 Simply Well Screening.

  3. Participate in the Methodist Health System Employee Health Care Plan.

  4. Committed to attend weekly group meetings.

  5. Committed to meet individually with the nurse practitioner every week.

Program Benefits

A healthier weight helps support your overall health and can improve the quality of your life. A healthy lifestyle that leads to weight loss should also be enjoyable to be sustainable.This is not a magic diet or quick fix to weight loss. It is an approach you can maintain throughout your lifetime.

  • 16 weekly group meetings for support, information and inspiration, then monthly meetings or events

  • 16 weekly one-on-one visits with nurse practitioner or registered dietitian, then quarterly appointments and continued weigh-ins

  • Confidential -- all privacy protected

  • Individualized short- and long-term goal-setting

  • Multidisciplinary approach with the nurse practitioner, registered dietitians, physicians, fitness specialists, motivational speakers, and behavioral therapists to bring a unique set of skills.

  • Measurements (weight, waist & hip measurements, B/P, HR, BMI, Body Fat Testing)

  • Beginning/end photos and physical fitness assessments

  • Health coaching, support and motivation

  • Recipes & flexible meal plans with registered dietitian consults

  • Ways to increase activity and an exercise prescription individualized to you

  • Personalized workouts from nurse practitioner/certified personal trainer

To Learn More

  • For information on the Better Living program and application form, click here

  • Email Brenda.herrod@nmhs.org or call 402-354-5670.

Deadline to sign up is December 29, 2017.  
All applicants will be notified by January 8, 2018, if selected.