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Organ & Marrow Donation Registration Drive at Methodist Women's Hospital: June 8

Are you registered to "Donate Life"?

Could you "Be the Match" to prevent a blood cancer death?

Learn more about organ and bone marrow donation at the donor registration drive in the Methodist Women's Hospital cafeteria on Thursday, June 8. 

In the morning, informational materials will be available for pick-up.

At lunchtime — from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. — representatives from Nebraska Organ Recovery (NORS) and Be the Match (operated by the National Marrow Donation Program) will staff a donor registration table to answer questions and accept donor registrations.

Did you know? 

  • When surveyed, nearly 90 percent of Americans claim to be in support of organ and tissue donation, but when it comes to registering their decisions, fewer than 50 percent of Americans have taken the steps to do so.

  • On average, 22 Americans die each day because they didn’t get the life-saving organ transplant they needed.

  • One organ donor has the potential to save eight lives and can save and enhance more than 100 lives through tissue donation.

  • Every 9 minutes, someone in the U.S. dies from a blood cancer.