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HIPAA Alert: What Is an Insider Threat?

Do you understand the meaning and danger of an insider threat?  

” An insider threat is most simply defined as a security threat that originates from within the organization being attacked or targeted, often an employee or officer of an organization or enterprise. An insider threat does not have to be a present employee or stakeholder, but can also be a former employee, board member, or anyone who at one time had access to proprietary or confidential information from within an organization or entity.

Contractors, business associates, and other individuals or third-party entities who have knowledge of an organization’s security practices, confidential information, or access to protected networks or databases also fall under the umbrella of insider threat. An insider threat may also be described as a threat that cannot be prevented by traditional security measures that focus on preventing access to unauthorized networks from outside the organization or defending against traditional hacking methods.”

This explanation is reposted with the permission of DigitalGuardian.org

Report Unauthorized Access to Privacy/Security Information

If you have any knowledge of unauthorized access to MHS privacy/security information, please report it immediately to your MHS Privacy Officer.

Learn More About HIPAA 

For questions about HIPAA, contact HIPAA Privacy Officer Zorana Vojnovic at (402) 354-6863 or zorana.vojnovic@nmhs.org.