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Methodist Memories: A Bountiful 1902 Thanksgiving

In 1902, one Methodist Hospital's deaconesses wrote this message of thanks:

While we didn't see a flock of turkeys flying over the hospital, some found their way here nevertheless. Our ex-patients and other friends didn't forget us and not only turkeys, but chickens, vegetables, fruits and other good things were sent in.

Mr. Ernest Wilson and Ross Tindall furnished our Thanksgiving dinner. Mr. Wilson gave three turkeys. Ross Tindall's donation was a turkey, two dozen bananas, bottle of olives, three large cakes and a bag of nuts. He shows his gratitude and his appreciation of the care given him while in the hospital by sending little treats once in a while to the nurses.

Mr. Bucher, our milkman, gave us a large number of eggs.

Mr. Betl remembered us with celery.

The children, too, joined in the Thanksgiving offering. The Junior League of Essex, Iowa, sent half a dozen chickens and a barrel of fruit and vegetables.

Mrs. Gilbert's Sunday school class sent eight dressed chickens.

Besides these gifts there have come barrels of canned fruit, apples, potatoes and other vegetables, and still they come. Some were not started in time to reach us on Thanksgiving Day, but they will be just as acceptable, for the family is large, and we have to continue three meals a day, 365 days a year.

To all who have so generously contributed the thanks of the family are extended.

"The Lord loveth a cheerful giver."

Source: The Deaconess Visitor, "Our Thanksgiving Donations," December 1902.